My tips for 11 year old boys and girls!

Hello people! Today I’m going to give anyone who’s 11ish some tips to carry for a lifetime and I hope you enjoy! Please make sure you share this post and raise awareness about these things, they may not tell you but they might be struggling with it and some of these things are occurrences that lead to depression and suicide so just imagine how much you’ll be doing if you simply share this post? 💕

1- Don’t be lazy, moisturizer for ALL OF YOUR BODY: I know we get lazy and we don’t want to put moisturizer on the parts that are not showing off but imagine in my case, I’m someone who dresses modestly and 75% of my body is covered at all times so if I went down that path, imagine just how dehydrated I would be? The thing you kids need to understand is that this is the age in which you start to expand. When you don’t give your skin the hydration it need at this stage, you’ll end up with very intense stretch marks. Boys get them too, so don’t think this is just for girls.

2- Don’t stop pampering your parents:  you’re growing up, they’re growing old. Love them, as much as you are going through emotional changes and you want to be with your friends and on social media, take time to ask how they’re feeling, how was their day, listen to them when they ask you to do something. Simple acts of love.

3- Don’t leave food on the plate: learn how to serve what you need instead of being greedy. It seems Simple but this will give you discipline in your life in many other areas besides food servings.

4- DO NOT TWEEZE YOUR EYEBROWS: don’t think about taking one single hair off your eyebrows at least until you’re 20. I know it seems too far away but I can genuinely remember it like yesterday.

5- Not being cool isn’t the end of the world: in this world we’re living in, people will always find ways to try to pick a part of you and they’ll say false things and try to make you believe them. Look, it genuinely doesn’t matter what you look like, if you wear glasses or braces, if you don’t have your hair permed, if you don’t have the most recent toy or any other case.

I feel like these are the most important things to say and I would love if these youngsters could learn and embody these lessons before they suffer from it the hard way.


Thank you so much for reading, please share the post and follow GLT 😊 I’ll see you next time, take care.


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